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About Us

We want our smart and connected device to ensure that people with chronic diseases take the right pills at the right moment in an easy and accurate way

Today managing pills for elderly people is a real pain

A two sided problem

  • Medical records accuracy. We offer the possibility of keeping track of all changes in a patient's treatment in a single place
  • Pills assumption accuracy. We offer the certainty that the patient assumes the the treatments properly. The right pills at the right moment

Product Features


Our refilling process is done by type of pill, not for days


Our technology erases the risk of mixing the pills or taking the wrong ones


Our service is affordable and convenient


Our device allows live communication and constant updates


Constant LTE-M connection and a dedicated SIM allows family members to monitor the patient's adherence to the treatment in any moment


Set the device and the schedule of the pills in an easy and accurate way

Receive notifications in case of the patient is not taking the treatments properly

A bar code scanner will support during the refilling process to avoid mistakes


Doctors, pharmacists and family memebers can fill in information on the platform, keeping track of the treatments the patient is following

Our added value

Our secure online platform

We create a space where all actors involved can communicate. The vision is to develop a standard where there is none

Our business model

We want to create a revenue sharing model, such that all stakeholders involved benefit from taking part as partner in the service

Our low initial purchasing price

We will grant a low intial purchasing price and offer a monthly subscription to grant a constant support to the patients

Our market focus

With the population aging and the exponential digitization, our clients need a smarter way to manage their medications

Our Team

We work for you, everyday willing to make the difference

Giovanni Benassi

Alberto Giordana

Daniel Levis

Marco Bungaro

Luca Terragni


We are at your disposal for any issue or request.


+39 3486040111